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Expand Options

Boost Well-Being

Do you ever feel that you missed the masterclass on how to manage an amazing career?


The career path that I am on will not lead to the compensation and rewards I want


My current job or chosen field does not leverage my unique talents and I feel underutilized


External forces shape my career journey and I feel a lack control over my destiny and daily work


I do not know the best way to quickly transform my awesome idea into a new, profitable income stream


There are opportunities to further monetize my talent and increase security but I have not taken the next step


My current job is compromising my well-being and a transition is essential to boosting my health


I am challenged by the technology required to scale my personal brand and online digital business


My brand, talent, and experience is not as well-known as it should and this is limiting opportunities

Are you limiting your income potential with a sole focus on your primary job?

Monetize Your Talent

Take back control of your work life with a path and transition designed exactly for you


Allocate your energy and talent to opportunities that will deliver profitable, financial rewards across a diversified portfolio of income streams


Broaden the ways you can monetize your knowledge and raise your brand value that expand the options that become available to you.

Boost Well-Being

Feel confidence and peace that you are on a path that aligns with your values, passion and talents doing the work you love.

Areas of Focus

Architecting a strategic, actionable plan to accelerate a transition to your next role

Identifying a target (discipline/role/organization) where you can offer a unique value proposition


Outlining a professional development plan to grow key competencies

Clarifying your unique value proposition that aligns with your designed career path

Strategies and options to maximize monetization of your talent through a portfolio of incomes streams 

Branding to improve visibility and credibility in your industry field of practice

Our work-life consumes a significant part of our time. The paths we choose and travel impact our wealth, health, and happiness.

Managing a successful career can be challenging given the demands of our personal life and external forces.

Over the course of my 30+ year career, I have recreated myself multiple times to travel the path that brings out my best self.

As a parent, leader, and professional, I relate to how important it is to shaping a career that brings financial success, alignment with your family life, and boosts well-being.

I am here to help you do the same. I love helping people to accelerate the transition to the next stop on their career journey.

I have deep expertise in the tech sector:

product management, software, and data science

Hi, I’m James Gray

Connected with thousands of professionals at Microsoft leading workshops, coaching and speaking at events

All 5-star reviews for career strategy workshop delivered as an Airbnb Experience

Extensive experience coaching people in the technology sector for 15 years

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“James’ career workshop was well worth the cost! I learned so much during the time that I spent with him and am so grateful that I decided to sign up for this workshop. He is clearly passionate about helping others develop their careers.”


College Student

“James was great! He was very interactive and has clear passion for helping people achieve their dream. We benefited tremendously with James and gave us the jump start to follow through with our goals.”



“It’s past my bedtime, but I couldn’t delay writing James a glowing review. Do yourself a favor and book this experience before he starts charging what this experience is really worth, which is a helluva a lot more. Thanks James.”



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